Welcome to Amaro Foro e.V.

Amaro Foro e.V. is a cross-cultural youth association of Roma and non-Roma. Together we work against antigypsyism and for equal opportunities and participation. We organize educational and after-school activities for young people, offer practical support in the social services and strengthen awareness-raising around the topic of antigypsyism in education. “Amaro Foro” means “Our City” in Romanes.


Call for entries

7.6.2023 I Call for Entries

Which pictures can be used for key words such as “Antigypsyism“ that don’t reproduce stereotypes or put vulnerable people in a bad light? In which ways can resistance and the fight for justice be visualized in media? We seek pictures to use in our Photo Pool and call for photographers to submit their works until December 1st, 2023.

Hederlezi Roma Cultural Festival 2023

6.5.2023 I Hederlezi Roma-Festival

Every year on May 6th, we celebrate the arrival of Spring with Hederlezi. We are proud that on this year's Hederlezi, we were able to give you a brief, but valuable insight into the diversity of our work and that of our communities. See you next year and let's welcome the Spring together! 🌸

Justice for Stanislav Tomaš

29.6.2021 I OPEN LETTER

The European Roma Grassroots Organisations Network (ERGO), together with other Roma and pro-Roma and antiracism civil society organisations and individuals urge the EU institutions to call for an an independent, effective and unbiased investigation into the case.

International Youth Exchange 2021


Together with our international partners, we offer many exciting youth exchange programs in 2021.

We have to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe now

8 April 2020 I PRESS RELEASE

The Romani civil rights movement has achieved many victories, especially in more recent decades. By now, there is a variety of Romani self-organisations engaged in advocacy work. Despite of these successes, during the Corona Virus crisis anti-gypsyism is on the rise again.

International Youth Exchange in North Macedonia I 2019

12.5.2019 I Application open

“European Remeberance and Solidarity- Our Right to Remember!” soll junge Roma und Nicht-Roma zusammenbringen, um gemeinsam an einem Bildungsprogramm und Gedenkveranstaltungen in Skopje teilzunehmen, die sich thematisch mit Genozid an Roma befassen und über die Mechanismen von Ausgrenzungen, Antiziganismus und Genozid zu diskutieren.

Our Projects

Amaro Foro currently implements projects in four areas: Social work, youth work, educational work and anti-discrimination work. Here you can find information about the individual areas and projects.

Roma Day

Our Positions

Amaro Foro advocates for the interests of Roma and Sinti in Berlin and intervenes in relevant political and media debates. Click here for our press releases and position papers in English.