Our project DOSTA

The project systematically records incidents motivated by antigypsyism and supports victims of discrimination. We need your support to record and process the cases! We offer initial counseling, educational work about options for action, if necessary accompaniment to counseling instances as well as empowerment work. For a long time, DOSTA was the only project of its kind in Germany; in the meantime, it has become part of the nationwide Antigyspyism Reporting and Information Center (MIA).

You want to report an incident? Simply fill in the fields and click submit (Absenden). Unfortunately, the online form is currently only available in German.

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Mit dem Absenden bestätige ich die Richtigkeit meiner Angaben, die Kenntnisnahme der Datenschutzbestimmungen und dass ich den darin beschriebenen Verarbeitungen meiner personenbezogenen Daten zustimme.

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