Hederlezi Roma Cultural Festival 2023

Every year on May 6th, we celebrate the arrival of Spring with Hederlezi. For many Roma, Hederlezi is one of the most important holidays, celebrated by both Muslim and Christian Orthodox members of our communities, especially in the Western Balkans. It is a day to come together with family and friends, a beautiful tradition, which we as a Romani organization have brought to the streets of Berlin for many years now.

Amaro Foro is in Romani and means “our city”. We and many other community as well as grassroots organizations actively shape our neighbourhoods and the whole city of Berlin, including through the Hederlezi festival. We are proud that on this year’s Hederlezi, we were able to give you a brief, but valuable insight into the diversity of our work and that of our communities. The Hederlezi Festival in Berlin-Neuk├Âlln has become tradition, a place where people, wether Roma or non-Roma, meet and stand for acceptance, visibility and a city for all.

Thank you to everyone who helped, stopped by and celebrated with us. It was a great Hederlezi 2023, even if the weather was not optimal.

See you next year and let’s welcome the Spring together! ­čîŞ