European Theatre Adventure

5th European Theatre Adventure 2010: Wadowice, Poland “A European Theatre Adventure” will celebrate this year its 5th anniversary: 5 years of theatrical encounter, 5 years of Roma and non-Roma youth dialogue, 5 years of crossing borders and building our common European house. It is an independent, youth-led initiative to strengthen the intercultural dialogue with cultural minorities and the international cooperation among independent, modern youth theatres, which work with a unique concept. “Art Beyond Borders” 2010 in Wadowice will be more than a continuation. We will involve new youth theatres from Balkan countries, develop new forms of youth-led art and intercultural action and discover a new process using art as a tool to exchange our thoughts, ideas and visions.

 4th European Theatre Adventure 2008: Balatonföldvar, Hungary The international youth exchange “European Theatre Adventure” was a unique encounter of young Roma and non-Roma using artistic means of theatre, music and dance in order to stimulate their participation, cooperation and exchange on the theme “roots”. 52 youngsters from Hungary, Poland, Germany and Lithuania met during the 11-day lasting project in Balatonföldvar, Hungary in March 2008. During several months the 4 participating groups worked at home on the theme “roots” and continued to discuss this topic later in the exchange in international mixed groups with the means of art. Mutual cooperation between Roma and non-Roma people and associations are the basis of our common work, as well as the desire to change discrimination through a new optimistic and positive imagine of Roma.  

3rd European Theatre Adventure 2007: Friedrichshafen, Germany Based on a new concept the two Roma youth theatres “Karavan” (Budapest, HU) and “Rroma Aether Klub Theater” (Berlin, D) met the two non-Roma youth theatres “Próg” (Wadowice, PL) and “Helijas” (Siauliai, LT) in a 10-day long encounter creating a strong performance based on their reflections of the topic “Roots”.

 2nd European Theatre Adventure 2006: Lacho Drom, Balingen, Germany „Lacho Drom“ (romanes for “the good path”) is an international youth exchange about Roma culture in the development of a European consciousness. What happens in an encounter of over 50 youngsters from different European countries and cultural backgrounds who try to speak the same universal language of theatre, music and dance? What is the common rhythm of Flamenco, German Sinti Jazz and oriental music in Eastern Europe? What forms of playing theater shall we discover working with music? In this new project “Lacho Drom”, as a continuation of the successful project “A European Theatre Adventure” in 2005, young Roma and non-Roma want to creat a dynamic of a European youth movement against discrimination and towards social inclusion and preservation of cultural heritage. In this new project we wanted to discover the diverse European Roma identity and culture by means of theatre, music and dance. However, we also wanted to increase the consciousness on the situation of Roma in Germany and other countries and the behaviour and initiatives against discrimination in order to establish a multicultural society.

European Theatre Adventure 2005: Friedrichshafen, Germany On April 08th to 17th, 2005 this youth exchange united 48 young people from the following 6 countries in Friedrichshafen in South Germany in a European Roma theatre project: Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Rumania, Spain. Half of the participants from every country are of Roma origen. During this time they participated in a theatre project as a part of the international amateur theatre festival THEATERTAGE AM SEE e.V. Artistic traditions of the participating countries met aesthetic forms of expression of the Roma cultures. With methods of art, music, dance and theatre an intercultural exchange was created that stimulated the creativity of the young people and gave them space to develop their own visions.