Amaro Drom e.V.


Who we are We are the young and youth-led Roma-German association „Amaro Drom” which was established in 2006. Our main focus is the socio-cultural youth work, the strengthening of self-initiative, mobilization, networking and self-esteem of young Roma and their politicial and societal participation. The consciousness about their origin, culture and history, as well as about the culture and history of the country where they live, plays an important role. As young Europeans we actively want to contribute to society for more tolerance and respect, mutual understanding and inclusion. 
 National Youth Networking How can we create an open space for young people to become active, to exchange themselves about their voluntary engagement, to discover and reflect on their Roma identity and to fight stereotypes through their active citizenship? The national Roma youth networking intends to mobilize and empower young people as we are the ones ourselves to carry the responsibility and to decide upon our lives and our interests. The first national meeting took place in April 2009 in Worms, followed by a weekend to discover the Centrum for Documentation and Culture of German Sinti and Roma in Heidelberg in July 2009. Over 55 young people from all over Germany came together in October 2009 to discuss in workshops about education, empowerment of young women, dialogue between Roma and Sinti, music and antiziganism in Europe. Moreover, concrete actions were planned in workshops about the residence and eviction issue, about education, about further networking and about publicity and media work.
 Local youth activism In 2005 the first local youth initiative started in Freiburg with the project "Ushten Chavalen". We celebrated 8th of April as the International Roma Day, we organized weekend excursions for the local youth, weekly workshops with film, dance, music and theatre etc. Since 2009 Ushten Chavalen is member of the Freiburg city youth council. New youth groups have started in Berlin "Ternipe" and are currently being formed in North-Rhein Westfalia. We want to strengthen all interested youngsters to create their own groups locally. Working together as a team opens up many opportunities to develop new ideas and to realize some of our small dreams.
Youth Campaign for Residence Status in Germany Many Roma youngsters who came as refugees from mostly Balkan countries still struggle to obtain the real residence rights in Germany. Especially Kosovo Roma are currently endangered to be evicted to Kosovo which we consider unacceptable based on the bad conditions for Roma there. Young people who were born in Germany or who have lived here for over 10 years must obtain the right to develop their future in this country.  
International Youth Exchanges International youth exchanges are wonderful opportunities not just to travel, but to meet other young people from other countries. We want to strengthen this intercultural learning and the exchange of experience. Especially we engage in youth exchanges which use the tools of art, theatre and creativity! our recent projects
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